There is no magic potion

magicYou know this in your heart. If not — let us set the record straight. Ladies and gentlemen there is no magic potion or pill that can help you become a –

–  Successful (able, known, greatinsert your favorite adjective here)-;

1. Actor

2. Blogger

3. Coach

4. Dancer

5. Entrepreneur

6. Farmer

7. Golf Player

8. Hacker

9. Investor

10. Journalist

11. Karate Expert

12. Lawyer

13. Marketer

14. Naturalist

15. Opera Singer

16. Pastor

17. Quaker

18. Race Car Driver

19. Speaker

20. Teacher

21. Ufologist

22. Ventriloquist

23. Writer

24. Xylographer

25. Yogi

26. Zoologist …

……. add the role you want to excel at.

Now the good news.

Sure there is no magic potion but there is a simple process. Not easy essentially but simple for sure; and it can help you excel at anything that you pick.

Simple because you can;

* Start today — right now

* Start with whatever you have

* Start doing it and see if you are having fun and if this is your thing

* If yes, do it day after day, week after week — for months and years

* As time passes by you will see that you are improving

* One day people will say that that you are a great (fill here ….. whatever role you picked above). It may not be a surprise for you but for most others — it will be — and they will call you an overnight success.

Just keep in mind — not to jump at too many things — all at once. Once you have made mark in a space it will be easier for you to shine in a new role.

Sure success will vary for people. Talent and hard work — which is of greater importance? Following quote should provide some insight.

“Hard work will always beat talent if talent refuses to work hard.”

Success will be yours. Your chances will be better if you started today; because if you did not start today, chances are that you will not start for long. You see — inertia at work and it can be enormous at times.

Look back at your life and you will realize what I mean.

Wishing you success and looking forward to read about your glory. Are you ready?

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