How To Grow as an Entrepreneur

1. Work to move out of your job every day

The simplest way to start with this is to take a one-week no-work vacation. Give yourself 3 months to plan for this. Then, schedule a 2-week break again. Now, give yourself 6-9 months to plan a one-month vacation. By getting ready for these vacations, you’ll learn how to run a business without being in it.

2. Ask yourself every day if you are taking care of the three priorities of a founder

These three priorities are:

• Bringing talent more intelligent than you into business

* Making sure there is money in the bank

* Setting and communicating the vision of your vision every day

3. Coaching leaders in your business who will take it to the next level

People will not grow themselves. Someone needs to guide them. Be that person.

4. Hang out with other founders who are on a similar growth path as you

Do it formally as a mastermind or meet informally. Add some structure to it by meeting often – at least once a month and then go on a thinking and planning retreat with them once a year.

5. Raise your standards

How you eat, how you entertain yourself, how you work with others, how you show and in everything you do. It will happen in one day but do it gradually. This has a rub-on effect. So when you raise your standards in one area, it helps in other areas also. For example, when you raise the standard of what you put in your body, your sleep and energy levels get better, which directly affects how efficient you are at what you do.

What will you add to it?

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