Share Broad Content with Mass Appeal Before Going Niche for Unengaged Audience

If you have gathered your audience over time and come from different backgrounds and industries, then most may not be in tune with your current focus.

If more than 50% of your audience joined you 4-5 years back, chances are most don’t know what you do now.

So, your first goal should be engagement.

Engage first with personal stories and broad content.

Once they engage, they will start seeing your content in their feed.

Then will also see your niched content, and if it serves them, they will engage with that too.

Your profile becomes more important when using this strategy to re-engage an unengaged audience. 

Ensure your profile is focused on your niche. Because when your audience engages with your content, the algorithm will show your content to their connections, and when they come to your profile, you want them to know what you stand for.

If they like what they see, then they’ll follow you. This will, over several moments, improve the quality of your audience and shape it so the majority of the audience will be there for the kind of content of your current post and your current work.

This will turn your social media effort presence into opportunities much better than if your audience only consisted of people who are not interested in what you do and sell.

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