Getting a Job Is Like Closing a Sale, Approach It Like That

A person I guide on career matters reached out about how she had applied for many positions and didn’t get a response. 

Out of about 20 applications, she got 5-6 rejection emails and no calls for interviews.

She wanted to check if this is usual. She has read my getting a dream job article and she did only want to go for the A-list companies. (Read this, if you want to learn about the approach of going through A, B and C list to getting your dream job.)

Sharing what I told her, hoping it may help you if you are in a similar situation.

“The companies may take a while to get back for junior roles. For critical roles, you should hear back in a couple of weeks at most if your profile seems a fit.

Read about account-based marketing. It is used in the context of B2B sales. Use it for job search. On a macro level, it is about creating an insider network at your target companies to improve your chances of closing a deal.

Even before you are applying, find people who work at those companies and connect with them on LinkedIn before applying. Then tell them you are considering applying and would love their advice on how to do it right.

Ask if a call or email is ok and send them a note with your question/s and a paragraph about yourself. Your questions can be general and the purpose of asking questions is to build a rapport.

Do this with 2-3 key people at a company. Whosoever replies first or has better linkage to the role you are applying for, ask them for a referral.

Plus, do this for your future applications. Look up the head of the department or team for which you are applying and write to her/him, in addition to the regular application. if you are able to create inroads the way I shared above, then ask for an intro.

If an intro is not possible, just mention that PERSON A (name) told me to get in touch with YOU (the person you are writing to). Make a custom video cover letter and pitch,

(1) that you know how to do the job and
(2) what you’ll do once on the job.

This may sound more work than usual but this is how you’ll stand apart and improve your closing rate.”

Let me know if you have any questions.

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