Design Your Business To Run Without You

Fire yourself, even before you’ve hired yourself.

Don’t include yourself on the team.

This is simple when you are starting a new business.

Doable in case of an old business too.

Fire yourself, even before you’ve hired yourself.

Plan how your company will run without you.

And build a machine that can run without you.

You can still be focused on growth, hiring and ensuring there is money in the bank.

But don’t have anything to do with day to day operations.

This is not a long term plan or dream that you’ll live after 3 years.

Do it from day 1.

One may argue that it will take money to hire people to take care of operations or execute stuff.


If you don’t have that, get funding.

Depending on how big your startup dreams are, you may have to get money from investors or you can get it from the bank of mom and dad.

If none of these work for you, work in a job or as a freelancer until you save the money to build a business where you don’t have to be on the team.

When you are not working in trenches you can step back and watch how the machine of your business is running. 

You can see how efficiently different parts that make that business – people and processes – are running. Then change what needs to be changed to make it work efficiently.

See how you can reduce wastage of time and capital by deploying systems and finding better ways of doing things – because redicinhb wastage is more important than being efficient.

This way you’ll build a business that will be designed to run without you. And that’s the best kind of business to build.

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