Do Better Than Almost Everyone

Is it simple?

Yes, if you did what I am sharing with you.

Show up every day. Why? Because Woody Allen has said that 80% of success is just showing. Even if he did not say that it is common sense because when you show up every day, you open yourself up to new opportunities and increase the size of your luck footprint.

Do deliberate practice. Heard about 10,000 hours rule. That if you practiced something for 10,000 hours you’ll become extraordinary at it. But there is a way to spend those 10,000 or 1,000 hours. Spend those hours doing deliberate practice ie. pick specific areas of the skill you are after, to practice and get better at. This way you become proficient at your chosen skill faster than usual.

Become 1% better every day. Do you know you can become 38x better by improving 1% every day? This may be surprising but it is true because 1.01 raised to the power 365 = 37.8. So, give it a shot for 1 year and see how your life changes for the better.

Build in public. When you do this you build a community around what you do and you build support for anything you choose to build in future or anything you already sell. You become more accountable too which is a great quality to have.

When you do all the above combined you’ll increase your chances of success and growth more than the most because it is rare to have someone do even two of these together. Even following one of these is valuable, so if you follow four of these together will create magic for sure.

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