How To Get Started and Be Seen on LinkedIn

The biggest attention opportunity of current times is TikTok.

It is so big I even thought of moving overseas to use this.

This window will stay open for the next 12-24 months.

Sad, in India, one can’t leverage that.

The next best option for marketers is LinkedIn.

The algorithm still favors the creators.

Because there is a big demand and supply gap.

Despite all the posts you see in your feed, the demand is still way more than the supply.


Because LinkedIn is a professional network, most people there are in jobs and feel they are being seen by their employers.

So they don’t post despite knowing the value of publishing content there.

If you want to get started on LinkedIn, here is a simple plan.

  1. Engage with posts of other people in your network and big names in your industry.
  2. Make it a habit to do this every day for 15-30.
  3. Instead of just liking the posts, comment. Don’t add fluff like – nice, I agree, 100%.
  4. Do this for 30 days. Add thoughtful comments.
  5. Even if you just added 5 comments per day, you will post 150 comments in 30 days. If you are brave and post 10 comments per day, you’ll have 300 comments at the end of 30 days.
  6. While adding comments, you’ll notice that you can turn some comments into your own posts.
  7. When you get that idea, move those into a separate doc and add additional content to turn that comment into a post.
  8. At the end of 30 days, you’ll have 30-100 such starting drafts.
  9. Starting at the 14-day mark, start revisiting the doc whether you gathered comments and turned them into posts. Now work on editing them to get them ready for publication. Do 5 or 10. Whatever works at one go. 
  10. So every week, you’ll have 5-10 new post drafts.
  11. Do worry about making these drafts perfect – just make them as good as possible.
  12. One important thing to remember is to keep your posts focused on 1 theme or niche. If 1 theme is impossible and you don’t have clarity on what theme, experiment with 2-3 themes to choose 1-2 themes where you have experience and where content comes more naturally.
  13. Put your first 10 into a post scheduler like Buffer.
  14. Start by posting 2-3 posts weekly, Mon, Wed, and Friday. In a couple of weeks, move to one post every weekday.
  15. And there you go – your journey on LinkedIn has started.

Hope it helps you in your LinkedIn journey.

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