How To Get on the Millionaire FastLane

Getting on the millionaire fast lane is simpler than one thinks.

At the core, it is earning more than you spend, investing what you save, starting as early as possible, controlling your downside, and staying invested for a long time in diversified assets.

But there is more to it.

Money flows through people, so who you know and who you work with matters a lot when it comes to making money.

Another significant factor in how much money you make in the short and long term is your energy levels and health. So if you play a long game and live for a long time, you’ll surely be wealthy.

Being wealthy when you can’t enjoy the money is no fun. So you want to be rich when you can enjoy the money. To do that, acquire high-value skills and make a name for yourself using the tools of the time (these days, it is social media and online video) and be seen by the right people so you can monetize your high-value skills at the maximum possible price point.

Next, do what I shared above, save, invest, diversity, control risk, and repeat. And as soon as you can create one or more assets that continue to create cash flow and increase in value over time. This way, you’ll become wealthy while you are still young.

See you on the other side. 🙂

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