How To Start Sharing About Your Work in Public on Social Media

Earlier today, I spoke with someone I met about six years ago during a digital marketing masterclass I ran.

This person shared how he used the learnings and used them to grow in his career and made me a happy man.

Now he has a side hustle going and wants to turn it into something significant so that it can replace his current primary income.

I told him to do it quickly he should talk about his work on social media.

He does not do it because he is scared of people’s opinions.

Anyone in his shoes should do it despite fear or whatever blocks you because it is super important to yell about you and your work; if you don’t, no one else will do it.

And until people know about you and your work and your results, they won’t trust you, and if they don’t trust you – they won’t buy from you.

Here is how to start talking about yourself in public

  1. Just start, first. Get over the fear of what others will think or say because no one is thinking about you
  2. If you are too scared to post in public, start commenting on other people’s content. Use that to create momentum and start posting on your handles.
  3. Share how you reached where you are. Share your struggles, triumphs everything.
  4. Continue doing interesting and share what you are learning.
  5. Share what you know
  6. Share the results you have created for yourself and others
  7. Share what inspires you

This will get you started. Now don’t shy away from sharing what you make and what you do for a living. Most times, do it as part of a story and wherever relevant. But once in a while (I’d say for every 12th to 15th post, sell directly.

Rinse and repeat.
More people will pay attention when you do this, and the right ones will reach out for help. So help them and grow your brand and business.

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