How To Get The Hard Stuff Done

Life is a mix of easy and hard things.

What we call ‘work’ is hard because it is not something we want to do but something we need to do.

The first step towards being able to do hard things is to stop running away from them. Commit yourself. If you are committed, then I have some ideas that you can use to work through hard and taxing stuff.

Sharing three ideas with you.

  • 1. Make hard easy.
  • 2. Make Easy – Hard – Easy Sandwich.
  • 3. Schedule time and use force of will to do it.

1. Make Hard Easy

i.e. find an easy way to do the hard work.

Do you find reading hard? Listen to audiobooks instead.

Do you find writing or typing hard? Go for voice typing.

Did you realize learning on your own is tough? Then get a coach to work with you.

If you are hard-pressed for time, then ask these four questions (that author Rory Varden suggests asking) about the stuff on your to-do list. Rory says you can multiply your time by asking 4 questions.

  • Question #1: Can I eliminate this task?
  • Question #2: If I can’t eliminate this task, can I automate it?
  • Question #3: Can it be delegated, or can I teach someone else how to do this?
  • Question #4: Should I do this task now, or can I do it later?

You can apply this approach of ‘making hard easy’ in other situations as well.

2. Make Easy – Hard – Easy Sandwich

Don’t want to get tired or demotivated when you do the hard stuff? Make a sandwich of easy-hard-easy. Schedule hard stuff between what is easy, and what comes naturally to you.

How about starting your morning with a dance to your favorite song before heading out for a short work out and ending it with a nice breakfast.

3. Set Aside Time For Doing Hard Work

The hard stuff, then kind that moves us forward, is not something we want to do in the beginning, even though we need to do it to grow. So for this kind of work, it makes sense to schedule time.

Don’t stop at scheduling time. Also, pick a place in advance to tackle hard stuff because it increases your chances of doing it.

If you don’t schedule a session to do it at a pre-decided location, hard stuff rarely gets done.

There you have it. Three simple ideas to get the hard stuff done.

Which one do you plan to use?

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