Easy and Hard, And The Path to Relevance

What do you find easy?

Something that comes naturally to you and what you have been doing for a while?

We do what is easy because most of us like to play safe.

Playing safe all the time can be risky. Because when we don’t try anything new or hard, we don’t learn. In the absence of learning, we risk becoming irrelevant. 

This is important when running a business because customers pay attention and trust those who are relevant. So the success of your business is predicated on how relevant you are. If you don’t make an effort to stay relevant, you may face extinction.

How do we stay relevant?

We stay relevant by keeping a tab on the market, observing what other players are doing and what is working for them.

A big part of it is attempting what is hard, and playing in the unknown territory. Get the guides if you need. 

To make sure that you don’t get tired or demotivated when you do the hard stuff, make a sandwich of easy-hard-easy. Schedule hard stuff between what is easy for you, and what comes naturally to you.

And, when what is hard now becomes easy, seek new ‘hard’ and do it.


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