As a Creator, Look Outside of Content for Money

Creator everywhere wants to make money off their content.

It works, as you can see, so many creators make money off of their content.

But it’s a long game.

And not everyone has staying power for a long time.

Once you find your groove and a content market fit, look outside of content to make money.

But don’t be like most YouTubers and launch random merch. That’s easy but uninspiring and not very lucrative.

Be like YesTheory, who launched their brand called SeekDiscomfort to sell stuff. 

Of course, they worked for, had built their audience before, and even hosted a fashion show for the launch. But thanks to their effort and brand-building focus, it worked for them.

Yes Theory co-founder Ammar told the audience at a recent creator summit in Dubai that 50% of their revenue comes from SeekDiscomfort now.

And they reinvest what they make in the business to create and innovate.

Are you a creator? What will your SeekDiscomfort be?

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