Rules Of Engaging With Colleagues, Partners, Clients, And Friends

  1. Come from a place of understanding who they are and through what they have come to where they are.
  2. Always be respectful in your tone and what you say.
  3. Never forget rule #2.
  4. Be direct.
  5. Do the right thing when nobody’s watching, especially when no one is watching.
  6. Do your best always.
  7. Be honest and integral about your work.
  8. Help those who need it.
  9. Once you realize you made a mistake, do wait to own it.
  10. In case of conflict, bring all conflicting parties in one room to avoid backbiting and toxicity.
  11. Always focus on the problem and not the person.
  12. Don’t be greedy when praising others.
  13. Bring your whole self to wherever you go.

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