Getting Help Is Superpower a First-Time Founder Needs the Most

The early days of being a first-time entrepreneur are like being on a roller coaster.

You are holding on to your seat to ensure you don’t jump out of it.

But there is a difference between the two scenarios.

When you are on a roller coaster, you are on your own.

But as a founder, you can choose to GET HELP.

Here are two forms of help that are my favorite:

1. Get help by hiring people to do what you don’t know or want to do. This makes entrepreneurial life easy. Just make a mindset shift and whenever you need to do something – don’t ask yourself, “how can I do it?” ask yourself, “who can do it?”. Put this to use, and your life will change for the better.

2. Get help by working with mentors, taking courses, and reading books. Identify what you are lacking and then seek who are the people and resources to help you.

Both give exponential returns and make your life easier in a way you can imagine until you see the impact.

Hiring may take some time to get right.

And whenever you find a mentor who gets you, don’t lose them and keep them close.

Don’t be a cheapskate. Invest and work with the best.

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