4 Things That Are Bad for Us but Are Accepted by Society and Often Lauded by People

1/ Overwork

The human body is not made for slacking but it does not do well when overworked. Learn to get more done in a limited time. And, create space for leisure in your days. This way you’ll be happy and productive.

2/ Caffeine

The caffeine we take in the form of tea and coffee is a socially acceptable drug. It is accepted does not mean we should overdose on it. Because if we do, it will lose its efficacy. Find the minimum dosage that works for you and don’t go above it.

3/ Lack of sleep

Less sleep that our body and mind require makes us dull, less creative and in long run can make us unhealthy. Find the duration of sleep that works for you and sleep for that many hours. Also, sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

4/ Prioritizing success over relationships

Success and having a purpose matter, but not much if you don’t have people to celebrate that success with you. So pursue growth and success but don’t ignore people who matter.

What will you add to it?

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