Focus on the Quality of Followers and Not on Quantity

One of the biggest tech YouTube channels by an Indian creator, technical guruji, has poor engagement on his videos.

On a channel with 22 million subscribers, he gets between 100-300k views of each of his videos.

Much smaller channels with a 1/50th subscriber count get that many views.

Keen observers of his channel share that this low engagement is due to a lack of innovation in making videos and an audience built on the back of giveaways.

You see, people may follow you for different reasons.

1/ They may follow you for the value you share and are invested in what you do. They will consume all your content and buy all that you sell.

2/ They are not fully invested in your work. They just found you and followed you on a whim.

3/ You offered a freebie, a lead magnet, and they followed you.

The first kind of followers is the most valuable, and you want them.

Other kinds of followers don’t help much.

So focus on the quality of followers and not on how many.

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