What Is Wrong With ‘Following Your Dreams’?

Follow your dreams

The idea itself is not wrong but what it conveys and the action it prompts is wrong.

It conveys that you can go after multiple dreams and that you can follow those dreams all at once.

Neither it gives the recipe or the steps you need to take to ‘follow your dreams’ nor does it tell that “following your dreams” is tough, almost impossible.

Looks like, a self-help junkie said or wrote it first.

If it would have come from a battle-hardened soldier of life after fighting it through and coming out alive and successful. Then the advice would have been ‘FOLLOW YOUR DREAM’. Notice the change. There won’t be plural ‘dreams’ but singular ‘dream’ in it.

Why Is It Important To Understand?

Achieving one dream is tough enough that following your DREAMS is a sure-fire recipe of no progress or failure.

Start going after the second dream only after you have achieved solid headway with your first dream.

It is likely that if you pursue the first dream long enough and hard enough, you would not need to think about the second for a long time. Because there will be progress, there will be satisfaction and happiness that only comes through intense and immersive action, that takes you deep in the trenches. You don’t get that from half-hearted attempts and running in different directions.

This is a tough choice to make but it is worth it.

And when the time comes to make this choice say no to everything else that takes you away from your ‘DREAM’.

Of course, be sensible and don’t throw away what is working for something that is still a dream. Even then, and gradually create more space for your dream.

Time to take the first step.

Think about where you stand and what can you pause or get rid of, to go after your ‘DREAM’. That’s enough for today. Tomorrow, do more.

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