The Power of Smart Defaults: Make Change Easy and Elevate Your Life

Change with smart defaults

Smart defaults are super powerful.

Especially for those who find change difficult.

That’s like all of us?

We often think and dream about doing big things, taking massive leaps and changing our lives. When the time comes to take action, we let go of all those thoughts and dreams. It is often more mental than physical.

Can smart defaults help in such situations?

Yes. We can change a lot by changing our defaults in life.

Let me share some scenarios with you.

What is your default when you feel tired?

Is it picking up the phone?

What if you choose ‘take a nap’ as your default?

What do we default to when angry?

Do something self-destructive or sulk?

What if we default to ‘take a walk’ whenever we are angry?

Feeling hungry between meals?

Pick up some junk in the same of snacking,

or default to ‘drink a glass full of water’?

It may look like a small change but can have a profound effect on your life. You start by choosing a situation in life that you want to change, zeroing in on a smart default and then doing it as often as you can.

Now pick one area of your life, choose a smart default and start changing your life.

I am happy to discuss your current and alternative defaults this with you. Send me a note.

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