Steve Jobs Was An Asshole

This is what this Hustle piece remarked.

And, that’ not the only story about Steve Jobs acting as a jerk and totally arrogant.

The video above also refers to the dark side of Steve Jobs.

But all this does not take away the fact that Steve was a genius, who created industry-defining products and innovated like only a few could.

Like Steve, we see a lot of remarkable folks in different walks of life that we like to emulate.

In such moments, we need to remember that all the superheros that we think about are humans like us. May be with more flaws that a regular guy or girl next door. But they have one or two superpowers that made them a superhero and that superpower made them win despite their flaws.

In startup world, a lot of entrepreneurs read the kind of articles that I have mentioned above. Then they start acting like jerks because they think that’s what made Steve Jobs successful.

What if such entrepreneurs and we all spent more time thinking about our own strengths and figure out which of them can become a superpower.

Identifying your own strength bit can be tricky. Here is an idea for starters – think what is easy for you that is difficult or not so easy for others. Once you have strengths down, combine the belief that you can win despite all shortcomings and drawbacks and flaws.

This can be a game changer and can help you unleash the true power that is within all of us.

Because at the core we are all superheros who have some unique superpower waiting to be discovered. Catch is that each one of us has to believe this and discover or create our own superpower without waiting for anyone else to spot it.

So my superhero, are you ready to discover your superpower?

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