Combine Social Proof and FOMO to Create Desire and Urgency

Do you look at reviews before you buy stuff?

Whether you do or not, most users look at reviews and testimonials when buying stuff.

This is not anecdotal. Multiple studies have shown this.

It works for small purchases like books, where we look at Amazon reviews before buying.

Or high ticket purchases like gadgets or courses when we read credible online reviews or check them out on YouTube.

Same for testimonials, both quality and quantity work.

So get as many positive testimonials as possible and put them where your buyers see them.

FOMO (fear of missing out) also makes people want to buy stuff.

So if something is in limited supply and has a large number of past buyers.

For this,  show remaining spots or units and reviews to show many past purchases.

These combined will increase the likelihood of buying people without overthinking about it.

Check out any travel aggregator website like Agoda or to see it in action and get inspired to use it to sell more of what you sell in a short time.

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