We Create Results for Ourselves We Don’t Want. It Is Smart To Stop That. Here Is How To Do That.

Who wants an unhealthy body?

No one. 

Still we continue to eat junk and live a life without discipline,

Who wants brain fog?

No one.

Still we continue to slog endlessly without caring for the engine, the mind.

Who wants failure?

No one.

Everyone wants success still we continue holding on to our fear and procrastinating on things that matter.

So to create the results we want, we need to use the rational being inside us and do what it takes to get the results.

If it was so easy then everyone would have done it.

It is tough because with logic, emotion is also involved.

So, we need to watch out for behavioral patterns.

On the behavioural side there is something that works.

That is going for small wins.

Because massive goals are motivating but they also create fear in most of us. 

So go for small wins in whatever area of life you want results in and use that momentum to continue going.

Let small wins accumulate, so that 1) you have some proof of that what you are doing is working, 2) gain some confidence, 3) and get the power of habit on your side. 

When an action becomes a habit, what you do becomes almost effortless.

So, think about the results that you are creating for yourself that you don’t want and then stop or stop actions that will give you the results you want, without ignoring the behavioral aspects.

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