Create to Reinvent Yourself

“You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?”

Friedrich Nietzsche  

Seasoned creators understand this.

Even those who are in the process of becoming professional creators reinvent themselves bit by bit through their creations. Though they may not realize it then.

Truth is that artistic immersion is a simple path to reinvention. 

Because when we create we immerse ourselves in the creative process. And, in every session, we lose a part of ourselves in our creation. This is true of actors, coaches, writers, and all other creators.

Picture this.

You are an author and you are rewriting a chapter. What happens when you rewrite that chapter? You get rid of words, sentences and even paragraphs. You also change the order of your words to arrive at what you now think will serve the reader better.

What is happening here?

You are losing yourself and finding a new you in the process. 

When you let go of a part of the first draft, you lose an old part of yourself because the draft came from your mind and thoughts. You arrive at the new draft by letting go on what did not fit and also by using new thoughts. Through this, you find a NEW YOU because your older thoughts that were there in the old draft are no longer there. This is how you reinvent yourself through artistic immersion. 

The deeper you go, the newer will your new self be.

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