Don’t Miss Out on These Three Essential Checks

We should often do these three checks.

1/ Focus check.  

How well we are doing when it comes to being focused on our primary vocation ie whatever we do day in day out to make money or live our purpose.

You can decide on a metric for this like money. Because money is a good indicator of how well you are adding value through your work

2/ Self-care check.  

How well you are nurturing yourself by sleeping well, meditating, going for walks, or whatever heals you and keeps you in top shape.

The metrics for this are simple, how calm and how light you are feeling, what is the level of your energy and how well you are sleeping. 

3/ Relationship check.

How well you are taking care of those who matter to you and who care for you. 

Ask yourself, how deep is the connection you have with those who matter? And how often you are breaking bread with them, laughing with them, and sharing what is going on with you without any filter.

These checks are important because when these three are in order everything else falls in place.

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