Learn to work at an even pace

Without rushing.

How can we practice this?

Avoiding situations that cause us to rush.

It is not accepting work where you don’t have sufficient time or information to complete the work.

Or not working with clients who are always in urgent mode, by creating a false sense of urgency.

This is about those you collaborate with. 

But there is one more person you need to work with and fix.

That’s you.

Because oftentimes we rush because we wait too long before we begin something.

Best to start as soon as you know, you have to do something.

Ship a shitty first version as soon as you can. Sleep over it, then come back to improve.

In most cases when you learn to assess the time it will take to complete the project, and are upfront about questions and setting expectations, you’ll finish your projects ahead of time if you learn to not wait.

Try this and see the magic it does for your project completion rate and satisfaction.

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