A Three-Step Model To Build a Thriving Business.

There are variations of this model.

So, most people go like this.

Product → Attention → Credibility

Those who want to be efficient in building a business i.e. reduce wastage go:

Attention Credibility Product

In this, you post content on social and build an audience by gaining their trust and then make something they want.

This works but takes time.

Here is another approach that can reduce the time you take to build attention and credibility, using this similar approach of Attention Credibility Product.

To put this modified approach to work, identify 100-500 people who are your prospective buyers.

Then reach out and pitch to interview them one by one on the pretext of research for a course you are building.

To get 100 interviews, you’ll have to go through the whole list of 500. Do these in blocks of 10 interviews. Each interview is basically a 30-minute call to get inside their heads and getting to know their pain and what they have tried so far to alleviate this pain and at what cost.

Timewise, aim to do 10 interviews every 1-2 weeks, and do 50 interviews in about as many days. 100 in about 120 days.

During the interview ask them if they’ll be interested in something like what you are building and is it cool if you reached out to them when your program is ready. 

Chances are 15% of those you interview will say yes. So out of 100 people you interview, 15 will say yes.

8-10 people will get on a call and 4-5 people will join your program.

Of course, you’ll need to take care of finer details.

But that’s how the math works.

Now run your course with these 5 people. Help them win with your program.

Sell more, now to 10, 20, or 50 because you’ll have instant credibility with testimonials.

And, go from there.

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