Time Tracking for Entrepreneurial Growth

Time is the most valuable asset that we have, if we put it to good use, we win.

By time tracking we are able to see where our time goes.

And then we can use that insight to deploy time on better things.

You can only get the macro view right if you time track religiously for a week or more.

While tracking your time, keep it simple. Every half an hour record what you did in preceding 30 minutes.

Once you have done it for a week, you will get a fair idea of where your time is going.

When you know, you can change.

You audit where you are spending your time, and categorize it. Once you note 5-10 categories, add a column next to each category, and write any of the following 4 options there, depending on how you see spending your time on that category.

  1. Love, want to do
  2. Like, can do
  3. Don’t like, have to do
  4. Don’t like, can’t do

And then start at the bottom.

First work to move – #4 don’t like, can’t do – off your head.

By stopping doing it or delegating it to someone else.

And then tackle – #3 don’t like, have to do.

The idea is to spend less and less time on 3 and 4 and more on 1 and 2.

When you work on #1 and #2, you’ll enjoy your work more and you’ll get energy and growth from work you do, in place of feeling drained by working on #3 and #4.

What to do when you have all this energy and focus.

Deploy it on top three duties of an entrepreneur. Setting the vision for business, making sure there is money in the bank and hiring smart people to help you execute on your vision.

When you do all three there is no way you won’t grow. And, it all started with an undertaking where your time goes.

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