Don’t Follow the Billionaires

There are less than 3000 billionaires in the world.

Most of them are outliers, except those who inherited the wealth.

Do you believe you are an outlier?

If not, then your life will be served well by working to attain millions.

And even if you are after billions, get inspired by what outliers and doing and first attain what is closer to you. That may be a million.

And if you are not ready for millions yet, set a goal of attaining a stretch goal that may be $100k a year, or $10k a month.

Now look around and see how people are making $10k in a month and replicate what they are doing.

Another way to do it, by learning from those who achieved what you are after, 2-3 years earlier and model what they did.

As you start winning, take bigger bets.

And, always aim to keep your risk low, reward high. So that when you win, you win big, and if you lose, you don’t lose much and are able to take the next bet.

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