Energy Drives Action

We need energy to do things and build stuff.

To increase your energy, work with people and on projects that energize you.

There are two parts to it – finding the right people and finding the right projects.

How do you find people who energize you?

Join communities and courses where people who are working on similar projects, goals, and aspirations like you hang out.

Then get to know those you seem to like and gel with better.. Over time, you’ll find people who energize you. The more communities you join and more people you meet, the sooner you’ll find your tribe.

Finding suitable projects is not difficult at all.

It’s a matter of thinking about the work that lies at the intersection of skills, goals, and learning. So projects where you can leverage your skills, learn something new, and meet your goals, are the projects that will energize you.

To be efficient, you can first note such projects in a spreadsheet. Then pursue those projects that match your timeline and budget. Of course, your perception may not also match reality, but when you act on ideas after thinking them through, it won’t be long before you find a project that will energize you.

Happy exploring!

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