How To Find Calm Amidst the Chaos

Life happens. Things change.

And it is in these moments we need to find our center and we need to find our calm amidst the chaos.

There are many ways to stay and become calm when things are chaotic.

Here are some things that work.

1. Be with people who bring you a sense of calm.

2. Find a ritual that helps you center yourself. It can be taking a bath, getting a massage or massaging yourself, or taking a walk.

3. Take a break, a long one if that’s needed. 

4. Change the perspective. Get out of your head, be present and take an objective look at what’s going on.

5. Learn from those who stay calm, or who have found calm in similar situations as yours.

6. Empty your plate. Means if you have too much to handle at the moment. Let go of something that is not helping you stay calm.

7. Change the scenery. At times nothing changes things as much as changing where you live or those you hang out with. So if nothing is working, change locations. 

That’s it.

I am curious what else you do to stay calm.

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