How to Get Your Employees to Do Remarkable Work Without Managing Them

Most entrepreneurs alone in the beginning and as their work grows or when they need expertise in a particular area, they bring employees on board.

If you have made this transition from a solo operator to hiring employees, you know after hiring employees you became busier than ever because now you have to manage employees.

And this employee management keeps you away from what you need to work on the most, business growth.

You can tackle this at the time of hiring and be almost free from managing employees.

What do you do?

Choose people who are good at what they do. And, get them to write their own job description. Because they know the best, what they enjoy doing. And when they do what they enjoy doing they will do their best.

Of course do not leave them without guidance, give them clear instructions of what they need to do, and help them align how the job description they wrote will fit into your business goals.

Once they settle in 90 days or so let them do what they do the best. And you focus on business growth.

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