Empathy Is Bigger Than Technology

I had been helping a friend guide through the creation of the landing pages for her startup’s search marketing campaign.

The developer who is working on these landing pages hasn’t gotten the pages right despite multiple rounds of feedback.

I have noticed a big differentiator that sets the designers, developers, and creatives who get it from those who don’t.

That differentiator is empathy, and it is bigger than technology.

When you have empathy, you find it easy to get inside the heads of others because you understand and share their feelings. Because of this understanding, you take better design and development decisions.

Empathy empowers all creatives. It makes you a better filmmaker. It makes you a better writer. Because when you are empathetic you focus on making your writing and creations useful.

Empathetic creators create more usable creations, the kind the world needs more of.

An empathic coder would be mindful of creating garbage by writing extra lines of codes when they are not needed.

Do you think empathy has helped you in professional life?

I’d love to hear from you.


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