DIY Fallacy: Why by Doing Everything Yourself and Trying to Become an Expert You Are Stalling Your Growth

I notice a lot of people starting and running social media agencies these days.

They think that having a small Instagram following qualifies them to build an agency.

I have nothing against this reason. Any reason that gets you to start new things is good in my book.

The problem comes when these agency owners don’t realize that agency is a business and they need business skills to run and grow it. Not everyone has those skills.

You can acquire those skills but it may be a long road.

And more often than not the agency owner tries to master their own marketing across different platforms because they think they can only become successful agency owners by becoming master of each platform.

Nothing can be far from the truth because to build a successful agency you need clients who come to you through a proven process. 

This is 100 times more important than being a master of each platform. Such mastery may be needed if you want to become a ‘social media influencer’ but not if you want to grow a successful agency.

So what if you changed the goal of your agency to create wealth for yourself fast?

What will you need to achieve this goal?

You’ll need people to execute this for you.

All you need is a mindset shift and willingness to forego some profits in the beginning to create room for growth.

Hope you’ll give it a shot.


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