A 3-Step Plan To Elevate Anything in Life or Business.

Life is good when there is forward movement.

Here is how to create some forward momentum in your life.

1/ Identify what you want to improve.

It is easy if we don’t make it complex.

We can reduce our chances of improving on anything by trying to improve many things in one go.

Don’t pick more than three areas at one time.

Good if those three are related to different parts of your life.

2/ Audit your current actions in that area.

Don’t just think about them.

Track your actions and document them.

3/ Raise your standard to match the outcome you want.

Identify what you need to do to get the outcomes you want.

It can be simple or complex, depending on the outcome you are looking for.

Something like losing weight is eating less (junk), moving more, sleeping long enough and on time.

Something like writing a book that has the potential to be a bestseller will need more exploration and documentation if you haven’t done it before.

Anyway, the best way to note how others who achieved the same outcome did it.

Read their books, watch interviews, take their course, or talk to them.

Put what you learn and gather into action.

It is that simple.

Use this approach to elevate one part of life.

After doing it once, you’ll find it easy to apply to something else.

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