How to Delegate Effectively

The popular advice is to eliminate, automate, and delegate to focus on what matters.

Only if it was that easy, especially the delegation part.

That’s why even after applying – eliminate, automate and delegate – you may find yourself involved in stuff you already delegated.

This is because you delegated the DOING but didn’t delegate DECIDING.

And, the person you delegated to keeps coming back to ask questions you haven’t truly delegated.

A designer will ask you: does this design look good?

A copywriter will ask: what do you think of the hook?

The salesperson will ask: what should I reply to this lead?

For effective delegation, delegate the DOING and DECIDING.

Or else you’ll be stuck giving feedback continuously.

Find someone who can DO and DECIDE without getting feedback on small things.

Share a Loom and tell them: “This is how I do it. Make it better and show me the outcome.”

Without this approach, you’ll be stuck helping your employees and the people you hired to help you.

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