A 3-Step Framework for Business Growth

Business growth isn’t always easy.

But it can be made easy or at least using the framework.

Today I am sharing one framework with you that you can use to grow your business without the usual stress.

1. A Brand Promise 

Nothing can be done right without the basics in place.

And your brand promise is as basic as it gets.

Give people a reason to buy from you.

Like how Dominos gave people a reason to buy by offering its ‘30-minute or free’ promise

2. A Marketing Plan

Use a marketing plan to make people aware of the brand and its promise.

This will ensure that your brand is known outside of family or friends or those who come to buy from you because someone told them about it.

Think ads. content, and partnerships.

3. A System To Deliver the Promise

You need people for this.

Give these people a process to follow so that delivery is as hands-free as possible.

Also, create fallbacks so that if a part of the machine fails, the whole system does not fail.

There are more nuances to this, but at the core, with this 3-part framework, you can build a thriving business.

Are you ready?

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