Eating and Pooping

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki was among the most popular bloggers during early 2006.

He came from nowhere and took the blogging world by storm.

Guy reflected on first 120 days of blogging and shared his learnings in a post. He noted:

“Eat like a bird, and poop like an elephant.”

— Quote by a Japanese philosopher

This is a perfect analogy for blogging or any other creative output.

To become a prolific creator we need to learn a lot from different sources and then share as one massive knowledge bomb. We need to keep on repeating the process.

Voracious reading is the starting point of this journey. Because remember no eating means no poop.

Don’t limit your reading to any particular field. When you learn from different fields you allow cross-pollination of ideas.

For example, sometime back I shared PLUS, MINUS and EQUALS approach to learning with you. I learned it first from James Altucher who learned it from an MMA fighter. The approach might have emerged in martial arts but we can use it to learn anything else.

Don’t stop there.

Ask questions.

As a novice blogger, I looked up to a lot of bloggers. I was naive and commented with a silly question on a post by one of these bloggers. He was kind enough to reply. I am sure it made a difference in my journey. I am grateful for his help.

I’ll be glad if I can make an impact like that or help you in any way through my work.

For example, I am writing this post as a note to self; but I will be glad if this idea will prompt you to continue your journey of learning, sharing, and growth.

Do you have questions?

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