Self Acceptance and Self Sufficiency Makes The Journey to Your Goals More Enjoyable.

The new year is the time when we set new goals, and resolutions and get started with intense action.

Often times we don’t stick to what we plan to do because we get overwhelmed, because life comes in the way.

A big part of the overwhelm comes from, the way we think. We think we need a fit body, big bank balance, exciting work. This puts pressure on us to take action. That pressure may or may not work. But it for sure makes us miserable.

You can also achieve the same results with a kinder approach. By telling yourself that I am fine with where I am and I want to get fit or grow my bank balance. And, I have all that I need to fulfill this desire.

This subtle change in mindset can make the journey of reaching where you want to reach more enjoyable. When you enjoy what you are doing, chances are that you won’t drop it. So it improves the odds of you getting what you want?

How do you think this approach will work for you?

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