Sow the Seeds of Connections, Grow the Plants of Leads and Enjoy the Fruit of Sales

Do you want a system to generate leads?

Something super simple?

Then, today is your lucky day.

Building it is simple if you understand the basics.

Learn how someone goes from not knowing you to becoming a customer.

They go through these stages. 

1. Start as unaware (don’t know who you are), 

2. Become aware (of who you are, and what you offer, the value of what you offer)

3. Become informed (through consistent learning from you)

4. Become interested in what you sell

5. Buy

Most people (around 80-90%) are in stages 1-3 at all times. Only 10-20% are in stages 4 and 5. 

It does not mean you should ignore those in stages 1-3. Instead, that’s where you should spend at least 50% of your time, especially in the early stages of your career.

Spend time to get to know people by interacting with them and talking to them. By doing this you plant the seeds of connections. Now they know you, and whenever you post content that is relevant to them, they will become informed. At that point talk to them again about what you offer and how what you sell can help them. They may still not be interested. 

And at some point, 2-3 months in the future, some of these people will become interested in what you sell. At that point, you may have an email conversation with them or talk to them over the phone and Zoom to see if there is a good mutual fit. If there is, you pitch them what you sell and some of them buy.

So, the simple way to apply this system is to post useful content, engage with and get to know those who engage with your content, and move them across the 5 stages I shared above. And, soon enough you’ll have your first leads and sales.

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