Do This After Your Next Webinar To Increase Your Sales

Webinars are powerful sales tools.

They work great for pre-recorded Online courses, live online courses, and paid masterclasses on a particular topic.

They don’t work as well for physical products or in-person events, because then that’s totally different than what people experience in a webinar.

So, what do you sell?

Something of the first kind – online courses or coaching?

If yes, send these five emails after your next webinar to increase your sales (assuming your course launch date is 4 days after the webinar).

Webinar Follow up sequence

  • Day 1: To those who attended the webinar, send the recording of the webinar and tell them that you are sharing the webinar replay in case they want to review it. Also, remind them about the offer you made in the webinar.
  • Day 1: To those who didn’t attend the webinar, send the recording of the webinar. Tell them they signed up to attend but didn’t join so you are sharing the replay. Don’t talk to them about the offer though.
  • Day 2: In this email, share the details of the offer. If it’s a course, share details of each module, its duration, and the outcome they’ll get.
  • Day 3: Share social proof. Share testimonials or a case study, your own or someone who took the course, and how their life changed by implementing what you teach in the course. Also, tell them that tomorrow is the last day to join your course.
  • Day 4: Send the final call email. Tell them that today is the last day to avail any special bonus you are offering. Also, get rid of their hesitation by offering a money-back guarantee, and to show a sense of emergency in this email, add a count-down timer.

If you have a proven offer, then by using this follow-up sequence you can see a significant uptick in webinar-driven sales. It can also take you from zero to your first few sales, depending on where you are in your journey as a coach.

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