Basics, Beauty, Decadence, and Living Your Dream Life

Everyone needs basics – Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan. Food, Clothes, and Shelter.

Most people also need the internet.

Then you need some more money for freedom and security.

After that whatever money comes in, use that to beautify your life.

Make your shelter more comfortable and pleasing to the eyes,

Get better tools.

Eat better and look better.

Pay forward. Help others cover their basics so that they can reach the point where they can beauty their life.

Do it within limits to make sure that you avoid decadence. 

Because moral decline is a surety if one indulges excessively in pleasure and luxury.

How do you know what is the right limit?

Ask yourself how much you need to sustain your basics + beauty lifestyle.

Because if you don’t know how much you need, you will always need more.

Good if this number is not arbitrary. Use the Dreamline calculator by Tim Ferriss to understand what your number is.

By doing this number, you’ll likely realize that you need a lot less money than you thought to live your dream life.

Now, work towards it if you are already not there.

I hope you live your dream life. 🙂


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