Say Yes To All Invites To Talk

If visibility equals success in what you do, which is true for most entrepreneurs, creatives, creators, coaches, and consultants, then say yes to all invites to talk to audiences, whether it is for a podcast or a video interview.

Even when the person or show host does not have a big audience.


Here are a few reasons why.

1/ You’ll get better at talking about your ideas and packaging them. This gets you ready for bigger opportunities.

2/ For hosts with bigger audiences, the reason is obvious – more people tune in to what you do and say.

3/ Your investment in your time. Rest all the host does. Prepping questions, recording, and publishing the interview. You get the link to promote to your audience. Give you a reason to reach out to your audience and share your ideas in a new format.

4/ When you share your interviews and talk, people in your audience take note and it will give those, who have a show, a reason to invite. If you share it on the social media platform, then people outside your audience can also see it, so you create a bigger footprint for your ideas.

5/ This visibility engine continues to work and visibility for your ideas and work becomes wider and wider, which turns into increasingly bigger opportunities.

Hope you know now, what your response to invites to talk, is going to be.

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