Don’t Settle With What’s Given, Build Your Own Learning Plan

Most of us learn based on what we experience on the job or in life.

Or through what we see in our feeds.

Rarely investing to learn.

And when we do, we choose to learn what others are learning.

Or what the algorithm pushes to our feed.

This is ok – better than not learning at all – but not optimum.

The best learning is proactive, thoughtful, and one that serves your goals and needs.

For this kind of learning, you need self-awareness and clarity.

And often a learning budget.

To practice it, make an annual learning plan.

Identify what 2-3 things you want to get better at.

Search for the best learning on offer.

Depending on your budget and how you learn, you can choose from a coach, course, or a book.

Now budget for it.

Also, keep some budget aside for learning opportunities that will emerge as you go.

Next, without waiting for some situation or FOMO to force you to learn, choose your learning and start learning.

And after every 1-2 months, see how far or close you are from where you want to go and ask yourself what do I need to learn to get closer to where you want to be. Is there a person or community that can help? Then seek them.

This approach will make for holistic learning that will increase your pace of growth.

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