Dream the Impossible and Make It Possible

This is how almost everyone you admire and want to be like has done it.

Don’t worry whether you have the money or resources to do what you want.

Because everything you need is available in the world.

You just need to find and attract it.

The simplest way to do it is to ask people who have done it.

Reach out — and learning to reach out cold may take some effort so be at it — to those you need to ask questions. 

When you ask for advice, people are usually open to giving it.

If someone is top-notch, invite them to your podcast.

You may launch a podcast for this purpose alone.

If that sounds like a long shot, then learn quickly.

When Alex Horzmozi, who built a $100 million empire in 6 years from scratch, was looking to grow his business, he read DotComSecrets book on a flight and built a funnel page by page that he put to work for his clients the same day.

Read books, and tune into podcasts.

On some long-form podcasts, experts give all of their strategies and frameworks.

Do what will make your mindset 10x.

Work on it all the time. 

Without a 10x mindset, you can’t have 10x growth. 

What your mind can conceive, it can achieve. 

So use the approach above and plan to achieve in 6 months what you thought would take 10 years.

Then execute the plan with immense focus.

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