Do First. Learn Later.

This is not what most people do.

But if you do it, you’ll save time and energy. 

You’ll also learn better because you know exactly what you need help with.

Works for most things in life. Unless you are in a life-saving business like being a doctor.

When you go like this, it is apparent that you’ll get stuck.

At that point, search for a solution. 

You will likely land on a video, an article, or a course that solves the problem.

Hopefully, you’ll find a solution through this approach.

If you don’t, seek out someone who can help you.

I started my agency business like this years ago.

I lapped up the first opportunity that came my way and pitched with what I knew.

When I tried to sell to other businesses, the proposal I created didn’t work.

So learned how to structure proposals for success.

And it worked.

It continued well until creating proposals started to look like a time sink.

At that point, I started to look for solutions.

And figured that people charged for proposals and called them paid discovery in that case.

I did the first one for $10. Then raised prices to $125. After that, raised prices again to $750 and currently sell them for $1500.

Through this, my conversion rate increased from 25% to 100%. 

100% conversion rate means I have found a sweet spot, but it also means that I am selling low. So I’ll revisit the price at some point.

Anyway, this means no more spending time creating free proposals.

And I know a $1500 paid discovery will usually turn into a $100,000-lifetime value.

So it works out pretty well.

See how and where you can apply the “Do First, Learn Later” approach.

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