Stimulants Lose Their Power if We Overuse Them

Almost everyone in the modern world uses stimulants.

If you find it hard to believe that you do not know caffeine is a stimulant and anyone who uses tea or coffee of any kind uses a stimulant.

When you are tired and need to stay alert for something important, it is ok to have a coffee or tea once or twice a month.

But having it every day or multiple times will not have the same effect.

The same is true for using entertainment to relax. If you use it for a short while in a day, it will help, but if you do it for hours, its relaxing effect will go away, and lethargy will take over.

So don’t abuse stimulants.

And if you can avoid them, nothing like it.

Because avoiding stimulants like caffeine and a mobile phone screen and giving your body and mind much-needed rest every day is a superpower.

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