Don’t Sell. Share Experiences.

Sales is vital for a business.

No sales means no cash flow.

But not everyone knows how to sell or likes selling.

But everyone can share experiences.

Tell others how they did something — for themselves or for a customer.

When you share such experiences on social media or on email, you make others aware of your existence in a non-cheesy way, and attract those who are looking for similar solutions.

Don’t stop there.

Continue to share experiences.

Some of those who found you the first time will engage again.

And with such repeated exposure you’ll gain trust of these people.

Those who come to trust you, when they are looking for something similar to what you sell, will think of you then and buy from you.

This approach works great because when you share experiences, you tell a story without even trying. And people engage with stories.

If you are ok being a bit uncomfortable then sell once in a while through your content.

Do it with the mindset that if you have something of value that can make someone more money or enhance the quality of their life, you’ll be doing others a service by telling them about it. 

So this 1-2 punch of sharing experiences and lessons and occasional selling will create a revenue and cash flow machine without needing to sell all the time.

Do you think this is something you can do?

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