How to Travel

Travel changes us.

In a good way.

Here are 4 things I have learned about traveling well through my travels.

1/ Travel light

Only a person who travels without check-in luggage on a flight knows the joy it brings. It is also economical and useful for those traveling on a budget. 

2/ Travel with a plan and without too

Both have their values. One makes you a better planner and helps you save resources and explore better. Other brings spontaneity into your life and teaches you to be less rigid.

3/ Travel with friends, and family. Also, travel alone. 

One makes trips more enjoyable. The other makes you more self-reliant and also allows you to be more open and flexible about what you can and can’t do when traveling.

4/ Ease into it

First, do a day trip to local places. Then graduate to weekend trips. Then do week-long trips to cities and places in your own country. Then plan an overseas trip, and make it longer than a week to allow yourself to immerse into the foreign culture.

Hope this helped.

Let me know how you travel or what you learned from your travels on Twitter.

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