How To Stay Focused Amidst Distractions

Distractions are all around us, ready to suck us in. 

Here is what I do to stay clear of them: 

1/ Single Task

I single-task and try not to move to the next task before finishing the one I am working on. Instead, I choose the tasks beforehand to make sure what I work on is important and helps me create an impact.

2/ Give your mind a break

I do this by meditating every single day. If you don’t meditate, do it by indulging in something entertaining or engaging. I also do this in addition to meditation.

3/ Design your environment to minimize distractions

There are many ways one can do this. For example, I keep my phone on airplane mode when doing deep work. In addition, one can use a closed-door office or put noise-canceling headphones on if that works for them. You can also use different devices for work and entertainment or keep a different time for focused work and entertainment.

4/ Work at a time when distractions are minimum

For me, that means the early hours of the day. Others may choose to work late at night.

5/ Batch distracting activities

Meetings are often pretty distracting. So you can batch them all and do them on one day of the week. Similarly, if you are both a maker and a manager. Do your maker’s work first thing in the morning and the manager’s work which is mostly distracting later in the day.

Hope this helps.

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