Don’t Compare Results, Emulate Efforts

It is not uncommon to compare someone’s day 1000 to your day 0.

Does not mean it’s right.

Better to identify whose results you’d like to emulate.

If their journey is documented, watch or read it, and learn from it,avoid the same mistakes that they made, and do what they did right. That way you get the value and growth, without the damage.

You can also interview those who inspire you.

And you can learn from more than one source.

So, you can have a mentor, plus you can read a book.

For example, if you want to avoid making cash flow mistakes, then find someone who runs a cash rich business and ask them how they do it.

Also read a book or watch a documentary about someone who did it on a large scale.

So, you can read a book like Shoe Dog, Nike’s founder Phil Knight wrote about his early struggles to survive from month to month due to lack of cash flow.

This is much better than comparing results because comparing your results with those who are ahead of you in the journey, is not good for mindset.

Have you tried this approach? How has it worked for you?

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