Prioritizing for Growth

This is for entrepreneurs running service based business or those serving B2B customers.

In such a scenario, from morning to evening, entrepreneurs are mostly dousing fires, executing on different things, talking to the team, and doing a bit of business development.

This leaves no room for learning and growth and doing high-value work, the kind that pays for outcomes and not for how much one hustles.

The only way out is to either take mornings or late evenings to focus and work on growth, until the resulting growth can afford you time in the day to focus on growth.

One task should take priority over others, and it is off loading work by hiring people who can do it for you, even if it is 80% level in terms of quality what you can do.

Do this for six months and you will see a remarkable improvement in your growth rate and peace of mind.

You will do more by investing a fraction of time you were doing earlier and have more time to think about and work on growth.

Would you like that?

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